Good Night to a Child

Poem By Laura May Hamilton McMullen
(Marion Meyer Kelley's Grandmother on her mother's side)

Possibly written after the 1910 death 
of her 2 year old child Sarah

Destroyer what do you here
By my poor little nest?
What have I done that your shroud 
Lies on my brightest and best?
If tíwas my sin that smirched the
Cross on the door, O Death
Blood of mine should efface it,
And not this innocent passing (life)

O cruel to drench the fleece of my (own)
Littlelamb lamb with thy dew !
O sightless to quench the light in
Eyes so guileless and true!
O heartless and brainless to still
Life in this hand that glow,
And the love and the thought it
Breed in these wide gray fading ( )

The sweet unfaltering voice! PaPa
Do you think shall die ?
Die my dear? Allís in Gods hands
When I am old and gray
You shall take me by the arm and
Guide me (along) ( )

But it shall ( )
Donít you know that asleep in
Your bed a hour like a
Moment seems
Be not afraid of that it is fast
In a night with our dreams
We are only apart dear child
Livid the evening and the morning light
Good night then Papa
And god bless you
My darling My darling Good night