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"Always look for the likenesses in your fellow man and not his differences, and instead of trying to demand respect, take responsibility." Father Tom Kelley




























Father Tom Kelley, Born on Christmas Eve 1923 at 17th and Tioga Street, in Philadelphia, PA., passed on to Heaven May 21st, 2005; an Angel on earth for so many years is now at peace with our Lord. 

Father Tom Kelley dedicated his life to sharing the message of Christ to everyone he touched, especially thousands of U.S. Marines on Parris Island and abroad.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; Master of Science in Math; STL in Theology from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Father Tom was a scholar and an educator. He taught high school math and physics, coached football, basketball, baseball and track; a former director of Athletics at Bishop Duffy High School in Niagara Falls, New York. Father Tom was always reading, researching and learning; never satisfied with mediocrity. 

His moral and disciplined upbringing combined with his good nature lead him to serve God while here on earth. Father Tom was a loyal son, protective brother, generous Uncle, and loving cousin to his family. Father Tom's military career spanned decades of dedicated service to this nation and to so many young recruits looking for some peace amongst tumult. Father Tom gave freely of his time and was a beacon for all.

He also found time for hobbies: Golf, collecting tapes of old radio shows, music- played the trumpet, computerized sax, harmonica, and keyboard.

Father Tom touched many in his life. He received many accolades and awards during his eighty one plus years on earth. Click here for Father Tom's award from Pope John Paul II.

We are still working on getting more information about Father Tom, so stop back soon.

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Bio in Northeast Catholic Reunion Pamphlet
Father Tom (1st row, 2nd from right) with family in 1998

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