Mary Darragh's family photos

My mother Agnes Kennedy Daugherty, l974

My mother: Agnes Kennedy Daugherty on her 90th birthday


My parents: William H. Daugherty and Agnes Kennedy

Left to right: My grandfather: John P. Kennedy, his 2nd wife Margaret Ager Kennedy, 
Margaret Kennedy Baughman, Agnes Kennedy Daugherty, Marie Kennedy Wienand,
standing, Joseph M. Kennedy. Jan. 27, l950.


My mother: Agnes Kennedy @3yrs. old Penn, Pa

My Grandfather: John Patrick Kennedy
His 91st b'day Jan. 27,1950


Kristy L.Darragh, Erin M. Darragh, William
Darragh, Me-Mary Daugherty Darragh, Gregory J. Darragh.


Back: Kristy L. Darragh, Agnes Kennedy Daugherty (her 82nd b,day),
Front: Erin M. Darragh & Gregory J. Darragh


 Photos sent in by Mary Darragh :-)